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Welcome frome the whole 6th Meridian team: Ryan, Michelle, Ty, Kieran, Declynn, Brock and Lee. 
Way back in 2014, we had outgrown our suburban Omaha home and started looking for a way to get out of the city and back to our farming roots.  We --Michelle, an accomplished cook and caterer, and Ryan, remote engineer, bike nut, and excessive eater -- realized that we had an open road to build our forever farm on a small 80 acre patch near Yankton, South Dakota.  The question was what would it be?

Hops.  Having logged serious hours at gastro pubs, breweries and small town bars as well as some light backyard experience with growing hops and fermentations, we invested some time to understand what it would take to build a hop farm in Yankton.  Well not really a lot of time; 2 weeks of reading sketching and dreaming. Then we put our house up for sale. We pulled our camper north to Yankton to build our first barn -- a modest structure in which we will dry, process, and store hops on on side and live in the other.  Construction started. Then it stopped. Then it started. Winter came and we held on in our camper, working every weekend to complete our first barn and home. The following spring we rejoiced as we moved in. Shortly after we sold the camper; we haven't looked at one since.

Walk, Eat, Drink

Farm Tap

Counterfeit Curbside


This summer sample our terroir directly. Hops grown and processed on our farm are sent to local brewers and come back as diverse flavorfull craft beer.
We believe every good pint deserves good food. Trained from 25 years of kitchen work from prisons to fine catering, Michelle whips up creative dishes to pair with local craft brew.
With great food, craft beer and plenty of outdoor space among the hops near Lewis and Clark Lake, 6th Meridian can host your event like no other venue.

How we grow

  1. Nature brings us the sun and the rain for our hops. It also brings us weeds, mites, and mildew. If we work with nature it will bring us a lady beetles, fungi and microbes. When nature is on our side we can limit our reliance on strong chemical.
  2. There is no reason to embark on any endeavor that will result in demise. From maintaining healthy soil to building a farm to provide for our family, we strive to minimize our inputs while maintaining our farms natural resource and beauty.
  3. What is life without flavor? Our quality is in the flavor. In food, in beer, in hops, we seek flavor profiles and strive for consistency in aroma. We want everyone to taste it too.
  4. We were raised in a farming community and we will continue that community. Working with other hop growers and associations to learn and teach and help. We enjoy being among our community that includes traditional farmers and small produce growers and craft brewers.

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