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Chinook is becoming a Midwest standard in hops as it takes on more tropical and pineapple aromas. Dual purpose hop that packs a decent amount of Alpha too.

Dakota Challenger™

This Wye College bred English hop has not performed well in the US in most cases.  However when grown in our little calcium rich Missouri River valley it excels with amazing growth and potency without sacraficing its gentle English aroma or exceptional smooth bittering capabilities.



No, we don't grow Cascade. It just doesn't finish right here in our corner of South Dakota. But Centennial pops with the right amount of that traditional Cascade with a boost of grapefruit and citrus.. So far Alpha acids have been on the lower end for Centennial, around 7-9%


We love the tangerine aroma and mild characteristics of Crystal. It is more challenging for us to grow but the final hop is rewarding. Crystal holds close to the European standard of about equal parts of Alpha and Beta acids checking in around 3 to 5%


Our wild American 'protector' hop with high limonene content. That little oil helps ward off bugs from the interior of our hop yard. It can be a little wild on the Alpha acid content but has an amazing and unique sour lemon aroma for great dry hopping.

Trials and Experiments

We keep looking for more opportunities to fill out a catalog of aromas and bitters. That takes time and trials. We love talking about hops so if there is something you'd like to see from us, drop us a line and let us know!

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