6th meridian


Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band w/ J. Jeffrey Messerole and the Stone Horses

With all the power of a freight train, the Big Damn Band is known for its live shows. Rev. Peyton delivers guitar pyrotechnics the old fashioned way — ten fingers, a 6 string and an amp cranked at full tilt. In the country blues style, he plays the bass with his thumb, while picking the lead with his fingers at the same time. When he lifts the guitar behind his head to play there’s nothing but skill and 16 gauge nickel strings to make the sounds coming out of the speakers.

Beside him on stage are just two other people. His wife, “Washboard” Breezy Peyton playing with all the nuance and percussive power of a New Orleans drum line, and keeping the train moving is Max Senteney on a lean drum kit including a 5 gallon maple syrup bucket. Together they play Peyton’s wildman country blues that’s as much ZZ Top as it is Bukka White.

Swinged Cat Aliment & Ale Fest

A celebration of good food, good drink and good times!

What is a Swinged Cat?
In 1890, South Dakota was in the midst of a drought. Mellette was doing everything in his power to keep settlers from leaving the state. On a trip to Chicago for aid, Mellette was met by Moses P. Handy, a friend and newspaperman. Handy asked Mellette, “Well, governor, how is South Dakota?”
Mellette replied, “Oh, South Dakota is a swinged cat, better than she looks.”
And 'swinged" was a way of saying singed or burnt.

Music line up includes Ted and Alice Miller, Mississippi Jake, J. Jeffrey Messerole, and Trap Kit.

14 breweries from South Dakota and Minnesota!

Food from Counterfeit Curbside and Broken Trellis!

Craft Beer Garden

Our craft beer trailer built is ready to serve the best brews made with our hops from brewers in South Dakota and beyond.  From Father's day weekend to Labor day weekend we open on Saturday and Sunday evenings -- with Mother Nature's permission!  We hold short tours of the farm and always a bite to eat with your beer.  We listen to live music every evening  as the sun sets on the hops.  Check the calendar below for what is happening at our yard!

Counterfeit Curbside

You won't find some paper degree or oversized chef hat flouting some crazy accent in this truck. Michelle worked in kitchens since she was 14 with prestigous stops at nursing homes and prisons.  Her eye for event coordination and making food from scratch fresh ingredients has created the Counterfeit name.  Ryan and Michelle are always on the hunt for good food to bring back to the trailer and copy and modify in the Counterfeit tradition.


Every year our space grows from cornfield into open greenery among hops. With exquisite cuisine from Counterfeit Catering and Michelle's coordination, we are ready to host your event in one of the most unique spaces in Yankton.
Interested? Every event is unique and catered exactly for the occaision. Send us a message to see what we can do!